New Zealand, March, 2010
Oracle HQ to Auckland
Auckland to Rotorua
Rotorua to Wellington to Christchurch to Timaru to Oamaru
Oamaru to Fox Glacier via the Rain Forest to Christchurch
Return to Wellington and Auckland
The trip to New Zealand began with a 6:00am flight to SFO so I could spend the day in Redwood Shores with Mark, Bryn, Francisco, and other members of the extended team that help create the product that forms the basis of our professional careers. I took a few pictures of USA-71 to put into my slide presentations.

I definitely had to spend some time with Mark as he speaks the language of this strange exotic country I was about to visit and I need inside information on how to greet the natives ... and what beer to order.

Why two pictures of Larry's sled? Ask a sailor?
I'd really like to have included pictures from the flight from SFO to AKL but ... well let's do the math ... the flight left San Francisco at 7:00pm
and arrived in Auckland at 5:00 in the morning
there wasn't a lot of light to work with.