New Zealand, March, 2010
Oracle HQ to Auckland
Auckland to Rotorua
Rotorua to Wellington to Christchurch to Timaru to Oamaru
Oamaru to Fox Glacier via the Rain Forest to Christchurch
Return to Wellington and Auckland
Arriving in Auckland at around 5:15am I breezed through customs as and the car rental with hardly a thought. Good thing ... it was 5:00am. I walked out of the airport, crossed the drive, and bumped into Dr. Tim Hall waiting to pick up another weary traveller. Tim had some sage advise that I followed religiously the entire time I was "in country." Just because something is a gravel road ... doesn't mean it isn't the main highway. Excellent advise. Sometimes the largest highway in the country IS a gravel road. In fact not just sometimes ... often as you will see on this page.
This too is the biggest highway in the country just south of Auckland   And yes this too is the biggest highway in the country a bit further south
Advanced Quonset Huts: Project 1 Advanced Quonset Huts: Project 2
Advanced Quonset Huts: Project 1... another view   But then you turn off onto Hwy 5 and head into Rotorua
Millennium Hotel: Rotorua   Time to learn something about Maori culture
Non-Maori Culture   Non-Maori Culture
Kuirau Park   Kuirau Park
Fish & Chips at Fat Dog   Conference in a caldera
NZOUG President Francisco Munoz Alvarez   Conference Keynote Address
Conference Keynote Room   Francisco shows up at his own booth
Oracle's Conference Booth   Oracle's Other Conference Booth