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The Library is currently in the process of being upgraded from Oracle Database Version to Demos are being upgraded to reflect the new Container paradigm as well as EBR (Edition Based Redefinition) and may contain references to CDBs, PDBs, and other objects you may not be familiar with such as CDB_OBJECTS_AE: Welcome to 12c.
Purpose Allows a user to request various Java VM dumps from any active database session
Name Data Type Value
java_dump_db_interface_info PLS_INTEGER 1
java_dump_stack PLS_INTEGER 2
java_dump_memory_manager_state PLS_INTEGER 4
java_dump_heap PLS_INTEGER 8
java_dump_threads_and_monitors PLS_INTEGER 16
Dependencies Only STANDARD
Documented No
First Available 10gR1
Security Model Owned by SYS with no privileges granted
Source {ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/admin/dbmsjdmp.sql
Lets a session register interest in an alert dbms_java_dump.dump(
request_flags  IN PLS_INTEGER,
exec dbms_java_dump.dump(dbms_java_dump.java_dump_memory_manager_state);

-- to find the dump file look in the diag/trace directory
Trace file C:\app\oracle\diag\rdbms\orabase\orabase\trace\orabase_ora_16720.trc
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Advanced Analytics and Real Application Testing options
Windows NT Version V6.1 Service Pack 1
CPU : 4 - type 8664, 1 Physical Cores
Process Affinity : 0x0x0000000000000000
Memory (Avail/Total): Ph:2396M/8075M, Ph+PgF:10305M/16148M
Instance name: orabeta
Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1
Oracle process number: 51
Windows thread id: 21144, image: ORACLE.EXE (SHAD)

*** 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771
*** SESSION ID:(131.31877) 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771
*** CLIENT ID:() 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771
*** SERVICE NAME:(pdbdev) 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771
*** MODULE NAME:(sqlplus.exe) 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771
*** ACTION NAME:() 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771
*** CONTAINER ID:(4) 2013-10-17 19:19:56.771

### MMan Runtime Parameters ###
Newspace size: 0x100000
Newspace generation count: 2
Newspace max. allowable object size: 1024
Newspace tenure policy: 0
Runspace max. size: 0xffffffff
Oldspace max. size: 0x20000000
Stackmem max. size: 0x20000000
Session max. size: 0xffffffff
Session soft limit: 0xffffffff
Number of calls sinse last session GC: 0x0
Newspace GC is enabled
Session GC policy for current call: EOA_SGCP_FIRST_CALL
Session GC threshold (GC when sessionspace is bigger than this): 0x100000
Java stack size to use when creating new threads: 0xf8000
Maximum Java stack size: 0x400000

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