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Purpose Legacy export utility.

When a PDB container is specified it must be referenced based by the name of its service entry in  TNSNAMES.ORA.
Exportable with the Export Utility

Some of the objects listed at right have limitations so be sure to check the online docs.
Analyze Job queues Security Policies
Auditing Libraries Sequences
Clusters Materialized Views Snapshots
Comments Nested Tables Snapshot Logs
Constraints Object Privileges Synonyms
Contexts Object Tables System Privileges
Database Links Operators Table Data
Dimensions Packages Tables Definitions
Directory Aliases Password History Tablespace Definitions
External Tables Procedures Tablespace Quotas
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Java Resources Rollback Segment Definitions Views
Export Syntax
Help exp -help
exp -help
Authority / UserID exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev

exp userid=uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\uw_test.dmp
File Name exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> FILE=<file_name>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\uw_test.dmp
Log File Name exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> LOG=<file_name>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev log=c:\temp\uw.log
Buffer Size -- O/S dependent and can usually be ignored

exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name@service_name> BUFFER=<integer>
-- rows_in_array * maximum_row_size

exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev buffer=64000
Compress -- The default is Y and it is best to override it.

exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name@service_name> COMPRESS=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev compress=N
Consistent -- Implements SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY

exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name@service_name> CONSISTENT=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\cnsstnt.dmp consistent=Y
Constraints exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name@service_name> CONSTRAINTS=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\cnstrnt.dmp constraints=N
Direct Path exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> DIRECT=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\dirpath.dmp direct=Y
Feedback exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> FEEDBACK=<integer | 0>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\fback.dmp feedback=100
File Size (default unlimited) exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> FILESIZE=<integer> [ KB | MB | GB]
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\fsize.dmp filesize 20GB
Flashback By SCN exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> FLASHBACK_SCN=<SCN>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev file=c:\temp\fbscn.dmp flashback_scn=7632619
Flashback By Timestamp exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> FLASHBACK_TIME=<timestamp>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev flashback_time="TIMESTAMP '2002-05-01 11:00:00'"


exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev flashback_time="TO_TIMESTAMP('12-02-2001 14:35:00', 'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')"
Full -- Yes requires the user to have the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role

exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> FULL=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev full=Y
Grants exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> GRANTS=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev grants=N
Indexes exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> INDEXES=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev indexes=N
Object Consistent exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> OBJECT_CONSISTENT=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev object_consistent=Y
Owner exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> OWNER=(o1, o2, ... o#)
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev owner=(uwclass, ids, webapps)
Parameter File exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> PARFILE=<parameter_file_name>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev parfile=c:\temp\uwparfile.ctl
Query exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> QUERY=<query_string>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev owner=SCOTT tables=emp query=\"WHERE job=\'MANAGER\' AND sal \>50000\"
Record Length exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> RECORDLENGTH=<bytes>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev recordlength=32000
Resumable exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> RESUMABLE=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev resumable=Y
Resumable Name exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> RESUMABLE_NAME = 'User USERNAME (USERID), Session SESSIONID, Instance INSTANCEID'
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev resumable_name 'UWCLASS
Resumable Time Out exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT=<seconds> DEFAULT 7200 (2 hours)
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev resumable_timeout=18000
Rows exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> ROWS=<Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev rows=N
Statistics exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> STATISTICS=<ESTIMATE | COMPUTE | NONE>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev statistics=COMPUTE
Tables exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> TABLES=(t1, t2, ... t#)
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev tables=(emp, dept, bonus)
Tablespaces exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> TABLESPACES=(tbsp1, tbsp2, ... tbsp#)
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev tablespaces=(uwdata, user_data)
Transportable Tablespaces exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE <Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev transport_tablespace=Y
Triggers exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> TRIGGERS <Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev triggers=N
TTS Full Check exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> TTS_FULL_CHECK <Y|N>
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev tts_full_check=Y
Volume Size exp userid=<schema_owner/password@service_name> VOLSIZE <integer> [KB|MB|GB]
exp uwclass/uwclass@pdbdev volsize=10GB

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