Oracle Built-in Packages (2:5)
Version 23c
Common Name / Purpose Owner Package Name Default Last Modified
Hadoop-Hive Support SYS DBMS_HADOOP Y 02-Oct-2023
Hadoop-Hive Support SYS DBMS_HADOOP_INTERNAL Y 07-Mar-2021
Session Hang Management SYS DBMS_HANG_MANAGER Y 11-Nov-2023
High Availability (FAN Notification Events) SYS DBMS_HA_ALERTS Y 07-Mar-2021
High Availability (FAN Notification Events) SYS DBMS_HA_ALERTS_PRVT Y 07-Mar-2021
??? SYS DBMS_HCHECK Y 01-May-2023
PL/SQL Code HCS Logging SYS DBMS_HCS_LOG Y 17-Dec-2020
ILM: Lifecycle Management SYS DBMS_HEAT_MAP Y 07-Mar-2021
ILM: Lifecycle Management SYS DBMS_HEAT_MAP_INTERNAL Y 07-Mar-2021
Hierarchy validation for analytic views SYS DBMS_HIERARCHY Y 08-Mar-2021
Healthcheck Management SYS DBMS_HM Y 08-Mar-2021
Hierarchical PL/SQL Profiler SYS DBMS_HPROF Y 08-Mar-2021
Heterogeneous Services SYS DBMS_HS Y 13-Nov-2022
Heterogeneous Services SYS DBMS_HS_ALT Y 17-Aug-2021
Heterogeneous Services SYS DBMS_HS_CHK Y 16-Sep-2021
Virtual Package Supporting Heterogeneous Services SYS DBMS_HS_PASSTHROUGH N 15-Jun-2023
Heterogeneous Services Utilities SYS DBMS_HS_UTL Y 16-Nov-2021
Jobs SYS DBMS_IJOB Y 22-Jan-2022
Lifecycle Management SYS DBMS_ILM Y 06-May-2023
Integrated Lifecycle Management SYS DBMS_ILM_ADMIN Y 06-May-2023
Support for Immutable Tables SYS DBMS_IMMUTABLE_TABLE Y 01-May-2023
RowType and RowSet constants & exceptions SYS DBMS_INDEXING N 06-Jun-2023
Index Maintenance SYS DBMS_INDEX_UTL Y 09-Mar-2021
Interface for the in-memory column store SYS DBMS_INMEMORY Y 07-Oct-2023
In-memory Fast Start Area Management SYS DBMS_INMEMORY_ADMIN Y 09-Mar-2021
Transparent Data Encryption SYS DBMS_INTERNAL_CLKM N 06-Jun-2023
Logical Standby Administration SYS DBMS_INTERNAL_LOGSTDBY Y 10-Mar-2021
Rolling Patching SYS DBMS_INTERNAL_ROLLING Y 10-Mar-2021
Logical Standby Administration SYS DBMS_INTERNAL_SAFE_SCN Y 10-Mar-2021
Trigger Support SYS DBMS_INTERNAL_TRIGGER Y 10-Mar-2021
Index Organized Tables in version 8.0 (Deprecated) SYS DBMS_IOT N 06-Jun-2023
RMAN Intelligent Repair SYS DBMS_IR Y 11-Mar-2021
Materialized View Refresh SYS DBMS_IREFRESH Y 11-Mar-2021
Materialized View Refresh SYS DBMS_IREFSTATS Y 08-Dec-2023
Internal DBMS_SCHEDULER utilities SYS DBMS_ISCHED Y 01-Dec-2022
Internal DBMS_SCHEDULER File Watch utilities SYS DBMS_ISCHEDFW Y 23-Aug-2023
Internal DBMS_SCHEDULER File Watch utilities SYS DBMS_ISCHED_AGENT Y 11-Oct-2023
Internal DBMS_SCHEDULER tracing utilities SYS DBMS_ISCHED_REMDB_JOB Y 05-Sep-2023
Internal DBMS_SCHEDULER object privileges SYS DBMS_ISCHED_UTL Y 16-Aug-2023
Internal utilities for Materialized View Snapshots SYS DBMS_ISNAPSHOT Y 13-Feb-2021
Undocumented SYS DBMS_ISYNCREF Y 02-Oct-2023
Replication SYS DBMS_ITRIGGER_UTL Y 16-Aug-2023
Index and Table Utilities SYS DBMS_I_INDEX_UTL Y 21-Jun-2022
Java PL/SQL interface to database functionality SYS DBMS_JAVA Y 10-Aug-2022
Run a Java Script from inside the database SYS DBMS_JAVASCRIPT Y 05-Sep-2023
Java Interface SYS DBMS_JAVA_DEFINERS Y 13-Feb-2021
Enable/Disable Grants to Java Classes SYS DBMS_JAVA_DEV N 06-Jun-2023
Java Interface SYS DBMS_JAVA_DUMP Y 11-Oct-2023
Support for calling RUNJAVA from DBMS_JAVA SYS DBMS_JAVA_MISC Y 16-Aug-2023
Java Interface SYS DBMS_JAVA_TEST Y 13-Feb-2021
Streams Java Messaging Metrics API SYS DBMS_JMS_PLSQL Y 26-Aug-2022
Job Scheduler SYS DBMS_JOB Y 14-Mar-2021
Interface for dataguide operations XDB DBMS_JSON Y 14-Mar-2021
Support for dataguide operations in DBMS_JSON SYS DBMS_JSON0 Y 14-Mar-2021
JSON Duality View Support Utilities SYS DBMS_JSON_DUALITY Y 04-May-2023
Internal support for dataguide operations XDB DBMS_JSON_INT Y 14-Mar-2021
??? SYS DBMS_JSON_SCHEMA Y 04-May-2023
Java Virtual Machine Privilege Management SYS DBMS_JVM_EXP_PERMS Y 16-Jun-2021
??? SYS DBMS_KAFKA Y 01-May-2023
??? SYS DBMS_KAFKA_ADM Y 01-May-2023
??? SYS DBMS_KAFKA_INT Y 01-May-2023
??? SYS DBMS_KAFKA_MD Y 01-May-2023
??? SYS DBMS_KAFKA_UTL Y 01-May-2023
Logical Change Record Type Definitions SYS DBMS_LCR Y 18-Dec-2020
LDAP Server Access SYS DBMS_LDAP Y 09-Dec-2021
LDAP API Foreign Function Interface SYS DBMS_LDAP_API_FFI Y 19-Oct-2022
LDAP Server Access Utilities SYS DBMS_LDAP_UTL Y 09-Dec-2021
API for working with BFILE, BLOB, and CLOB SYS DBMS_LOB Y 22-Dec-2020
Large Object Diagnostic and Utility Functions SYS DBMS_LOBUTIL Y 14-Mar-2021
LOB Archive Management for DBFS file system SYS DBMS_LOB_AM_PRIVATE Y 02-Oct-2023
Lock Management SYS DBMS_LOCK Y 31-Jul-2023
Writes Messages to the Alert Log SYS DBMS_LOG Y 24-Aug-2023
Log Miner SYS DBMS_LOGMNR Y 14-Mar-2021
Log Miner Dictionary Utility SYS DBMS_LOGMNR_D Y 14-Mar-2021
Log Miner Internal Utilities SYS DBMS_LOGMNR_INTERNAL Y 28-Aug-2022
Log Miner Session Level utilities SYS DBMS_LOGMNR_SESSION_INT Y 30-Sep-2021
Log File Replication SYS DBMS_LOGREP_DEF_PROC_UTL Y 02-Sep-2023
Log File Replication Export SYS DBMS_LOGREP_EXP Y 23-Jul-2021
Log File Replication Import SYS DBMS_LOGREP_IMP Y 02-Sep-2023
Log File Replication Import SYS DBMS_LOGREP_IMP_INTERNAL Y 17-Aug-2021
Log File Replication Utilities SYS DBMS_LOGREP_UTIL Y 11-Nov-2022
Log File Replication SYS DBMS_LOGREP_UTIL_INVOK Y 11-Nov-2023
DataGuard (Logical Standby) Administration SYS DBMS_LOGSTDBY Y 16-Mar-2021
Setting and clearing Logical Standby contexts SYS DBMS_LOGSTDBY_CONTEXT Y 09-Sep-2023
Database Vault Administration DVSYS DBMS_MACADM Y 06-Jun-2023
Database Vault Audit Utility DVSYS DBMS_MACAUD Y 07-Aug-2023
Database Vault DVSYS DBMS_MACOLS Y 26-Feb-2021
Database Vault DVSYS DBMS_MACOLS_SESSION Y 17-Mar-2021
Database Vault Output Buffer Utility DVSYS DBMS_MACOUT Y 02-Dec-2023
Database Vault DVSYS DBMS_MACSEC Y 17-Mar-2021
Database Vault DVF DBMS_MACSEC_FUNCTION Y 08-Dec-2023
Database Vault DVSYS DBMS_MACSEC_ROLES Y 17-Mar-2021
Database Vault DVSYS DBMS_MACSEC_RULES Y 02-Oct-2023
Database Vault DVSYS DBMS_MACUTL Y 26-Dec-2021
Maintenance Plans SYS DBMS_MAINTPLAN Y 19-Dec-2020
Modify AWR View Settings SYS DBMS_MANAGEMENT_BOOTSTRAP Y 21-Aug-2023
Management Pack Administrative Utilities SYS DBMS_MANAGEMENT_PACKS Y 17-Mar-2021
Undocumented but DataPump related SYS DBMS_MASTER_TABLE Y 17-Mar-2021
Maximum String Size Modification Utility SYS DBMS_MAX_STRING_SIZE Y 28-May-2023
Multi-Dimensional SQL ODBO package for MDX SYS DBMS_MDX_ODBO Y 28-May-2023
Flush Multi-Demensional SQL ODBO cursors SYS DBMS_MDX_UTIL Y 31-Jul-2023
In-Memory Memory Management SYS DBMS_MEMOPTIMIZE Y 20-Mar-2021
In-Memory Memory Management SYS DBMS_MEMOPTIMIZE_ADMIN Y 31-Jul-2023
Metadata Generation Interface SYS DBMS_METADATA Y 15-Sep-2021
Metadata Generation SYS DBMS_METADATA_BUILD Y 20-Mar-2021
Metadata Comparison and DDL Generation SYS DBMS_METADATA_DIFF Y 20-Mar-2021
Metadata Generation SYS DBMS_METADATA_DPBUILD Y 20-Mar-2021
Metadata Generation SYS DBMS_METADATA_HACK N 15-Jun-2023
Metadata Generation SYS DBMS_METADATA_INT Y 08-Dec-2021
Metadata Generation Utilities SYS DBMS_METADATA_UTIL Y 20-Mar-2021
Log proxy server and metadata management utilities SYS DBMS_MGD_ID_UTL N 25-Jun-2023
Messaging Gateway Support SYS DBMS_MGWADM N 25-Jun-2023
Previously missed but definitely in 19.3 SYS DBMS_MGWMSG N 25-Jun-2023
Multi-Language Engine SYS DBMS_MLE Y 06-May-2023
Tracing & Statistics SYS DBMS_MONITOR Y 21-Mar-2021
Collection and retention of statistics for MV refresh SYS DBMS_MVIEW_STATS Y 02-Sep-2023
Collection and retention of statistics for MV refresh SYS DBMS_MVIEW_STATS_INTERNAL Y 05-Sep-2023
Network Access Control List Management SYS DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN Y 21-Mar-2021
Utilities for Network Access Control List SYS DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_UTILITY Y 02-Dec-2023
Sets, updates and deletes CDB$ROOT notifications SYS DBMS_NOTIFICATIONS Y 28-May-2023
Upgrade of TYPES supporting application upgrades SYS DBMS_OBJECTS_APPS_UTILS Y 24-Mar-2021
Upgrades version 8.0 objects to 8.1 SYS DBMS_OBJECTS_UTILS Y 05-Sep-2023
CPU Cost Calculation / Extensible Optimizer SYS DBMS_ODCI Y 07-Oct-2023
Manages PSU Bundle Optimizer Fix Patches SYS DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE Y 06-Jan-2021
PL/SQL Display Messaging for SQL*Plus SYS DBMS_OUTPUT Y 24-Mar-2021
Parallel Execution in RAC Clusters Support SYS DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE Y 24-Mar-2021
Parallel Execution in RAC Clusters Support SYS DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE_INTERNAL Y 24-Mar-2021
Partitioned table management and maintenance APIs SYS DBMS_PART Y 05-Jun-2023
Partitioned table mgmt and maint. internal support SYS DBMS_PART_INTERNAL Y 05-Jun-2023
Index Intra-partition Parallelism SYS DBMS_PCLXUTIL Y 02-Sep-2023
Index Intra-partition Parallelism SYS DBMS_PCLXUTIL_INTERNAL Y 05-Sep-2023
Examine and manipulate PDB metadata SYS DBMS_PDB Y 27-Mar-2021
Create common objects in PDBs from CDB SYS DBMS_PDB_ALTER_SHARING Y 06-Jun-2023
PDB Application Container constants SYS DBMS_PDB_APP_CON Y 06-Jun-2023
Generates reports for Enterprise Manager Express SYS DBMS_PERF Y 12-Apr-2022
Type Descriptor Source SYS DBMS_PICKLER Y 28-Mar-2021
Pipes SYS DBMS_PIPE Y 06-Jan-2021
Point In Time Recovery SYS DBMS_PITR Y 28-Mar-2021
Collects of code coverage block level data SYS DBMS_PLSQL_CODE_COVERAGE Y 28-Mar-2021
Transportable Tablespaces SYS DBMS_PLUGTS Y 28-Mar-2021
Transportable Tablespaces SYS DBMS_PLUGTSP Y 28-Mar-2021
Parallel Query Diagnostic Support SYS DBMS_PQDIAG Y 08-Jun-2023
Parallel Query Create DB Link for Hub SYS DBMS_PQ_INTERNAL Y 01-Aug-2023
Defines the interface to restore pre-plugin backups SYS DBMS_PREPLUGIN_BACKUP Y 29-Mar-2021
Retrieve Source Text SYS DBMS_PREPROCESSOR Y 29-Mar-2021
Capture a privilege use in defined PL/SQL packages SYS DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE Y 30-Mar-2021
Interface to database privilege analysis SYS DBMS_PRIV_CAPTURE Y 09-Feb-2023
Prespawned server management SYS DBMS_PROCESS Y 09-Sep-2023
Profile PL/SQL SYS DBMS_PROFILER Y 30-Mar-2021
Streams and Change Data Capture Propagation SYS DBMS_PROPAGATION_ADM Y 08-Dec-2023
Streams Propagation SYS DBMS_PROPAGATION_INTERNAL Y 22-Jul-2021
Advanced Queuing SYS DBMS_PRVTAQIM Y 14-Jan-2022
Advanced Queuing Utilities SYS DBMS_PRVTAQIP Y 02-Dec-2021
Advanced Queuing SYS DBMS_PRVTAQIS Y 20-Nov-2022
Workspace Manager SYS DBMS_PRVTRMIE Y 21-Jun-2022
Advanced Queuing SYS DBMS_PRVTSQDS Y 21-Sep-2021
Advanced Queuing SYS DBMS_PRVTSQIS Y 21-Oct-2021
Tracing Support Utilities for OEM Grid Packages SYS DBMS_PRVT_TRACE Y 30-Mar-2021
PL/SQL Server Page Compilation and Loading SYS DBMS_PSP Y 30-Mar-2021
DataPump Password Handling SYS DBMS_PSWMG_IMPORT Y 24-Aug-2023
API to view database patches SYS DBMS_QOPATCH Y 30-Mar-2021
ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA N 28-Jan-2022
Random Values Generator SYS DBMS_RANDOM Y 20-Jan-2021
Real Application Testing Data Masking SYS DBMS_RAT_MASK Y 28-Jan-2022
Real Application Testing Data Masking SYS DBMS_RAT_MASK_INTERNAL Y 28-Jan-2022
RMAN unknown SYS DBMS_RA_DUMP N 28-Jan-2022
RMAN ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA_INT N 06-Feb-2022
RMAN ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA_MISC N 30-Nov-2022
RMAN ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA_POOL N 06-Feb-2022
RMAN ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA_SBT N 20-Nov-2022
RMAN ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA_SCHEDULER N 20-Nov-2022
RMAN ZDLRA Support Utilities SYS DBMS_RA_STORAGE N 05-Feb-2022
RMAN Recovery Catalog Manager SYS DBMS_RCVCAT N 07-Jul-2023
RMAN Recovery Manager SYS DBMS_RCVMAN Y 04-Jul-2023
Created as part of RMAN Catalog Creation SYS DBMS_RCVVPC N 26-Jun-2023
Recovery related to Streams Replication SYS DBMS_RECOVERABLE_SCRIPT Y 04-Apr-2021
Recovery related to Streams Replication SYS DBMS_RECO_SCRIPT_INT Y 21-Jun-2022
Recovery related to Streams Replication SYS DBMS_RECO_SCRIPT_INVOK Y 15-Aug-2023
Data Redaction SYS DBMS_REDACT Y 28-May-2023
??? SYS DBMS_REDACTOR Y 28-May-2023
Data Redaction Internal Utilities SYS DBMS_REDACT_INT Y 28-May-2023
Online Table Redefinition SYS DBMS_REDEFINITION Y 04-Apr-2021
Online Table Redefinition Internal Support SYS DBMS_REDEFINITION_INTERNAL Y 09-Feb-2023
Refresh Materialized View Groups SYS DBMS_REFRESH Y 07-Apr-2021
Registry SYS DBMS_REGISTRY Y 04-Feb-2023
Extended Registry SYS DBMS_REGISTRY_EXTENDED Y 07-Jun-2023
Used with c scripts prior to data dictionary upgrade SYS DBMS_REGISTRY_SIMPLE Y 11-Nov-2023
Registry SYS DBMS_REGISTRY_SYS Y 18-Dec-2020
XML Database Validation SYS DBMS_REGXDB Y 04-Aug-2023
Data Block Corruption Repair SYS DBMS_REPAIR Y 07-Apr-2021
Advanced Replication SYS DBMS_REPCAT Y 20-Aug-2023
Advanced Replication Migration SYS DBMS_REPCAT_MIG Y 23-Aug-2023
Supports building XML from within the kernel SYS DBMS_REPORT Y 10-Apr-2021
Advanced Replication SYS DBMS_REPUTIL Y 07-Jun-2023
Resource Configuration List and Listener interface XDB DBMS_RESCONFIG Y 10-Apr-2021
Resource Manager Administration API SYS DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER Y 07-Feb-2023
Resource Manager Privileges Management SYS DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER_PRIVS Y 24-Sep-2023
Result Cache Management SYS DBMS_RESULT_CACHE Y 10-Apr-2021
Result Cache Management SYS DBMS_RESULT_CACHE_API Y 09-Sep-2023
Result Cache Internal support utilities SYS DBMS_RESULT_CACHE_INTERNAL Y 16-Aug-2023
Suspend Transactions for lack of storage resources SYS DBMS_RESUMABLE Y 20-Jan-2021
Row Level Security (Fine Grained Access Control) SYS DBMS_RLS Y 11-Jul-2023
Internal support for Row Level Security SYS DBMS_RLS_INT Y 12-Apr-2021
Resource Manager Group Export Utilities SYS DBMS_RMGR_GROUP_EXPORT Y 21-Jul-2021
Resource Manager Plan Export Utilities SYS DBMS_RMGR_PACT_EXPORT Y 04-Aug-2023
Resource Manager SYS DBMS_RMGR_PLAN_EXPORT Y 30-Sep-2023
Resource Manager SYS DBMS_RMIN Y 21-Jul-2021
Resource Manager SYS DBMS_RMIN_SYS Y 19-Oct-2022
Built-In Packages

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