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Segment Count by Schema and Tablespace SELECT owner, segment_type, tablespace_name, COUNT(*)
FROM dba_segments
GROUP BY owner, segment_type, tablespace_name
ORDER BY 2,3, 1;

------------------ ------------------ ---------------- --------
SYS                CLUSTER            SYSAUX                  1
SYS                CLUSTER            SYSTEM                  9
CTXSYS             INDEX              YSAUX                 37
DBSFWUSER          INDEX              SYSAUX                  2
DBSNMP             INDEX              SYSAUX                  5
DVSYS              INDEX              SYSAUX                 50
GSMADMIN_INTERNAL  INDEX              SYSAUX                  6
MDSYS              INDEX              SYSAUX                 37
SYS                INDEX              SYSAUX                540
SYSTEM             INDEX              SYSAUX                 29
WMSYS              INDEX              SYSAUX                 56
XDB                INDEX              SYSAUX                 72
GSMADMIN_INTERNAL  INDEX              SYSTEM                  1
LBACSYS            INDEX              SYSTEM                  1
OJVMSYS            INDEX              SYSTEM                  3
OUTLN              INDEX              SYSTEM                  4
SYS                INDEX              SYSTEM                938
SYSTEM             INDEX              SYSTEM                 38
ORDDATA            INDEX              USERS                  12
ORDSYS             INDEX              USERS                   3
AUDSYS             INDEX              PARTITION AUDIT_TBSP   93
AUDSYS             INDEX              PARTITION SYSAUX        9
SYS                INDEX              PARTITION SYSAUX      634
SYSTEM             INDEX              PARTITION SYSAUX       77
SYS                INDEX              PARTITION SYSTEM     2048
AUDSYS             LOB                PARTITION AUDIT_TBSP   93
AUDSYS             LOB                PARTITION SYSAUX        9
SYS                LOB                PARTITION SYSAUX       60
SYS                LOBINDEX           AUDIT_TBSP              6
GSMADMIN_INTERNAL  LOBINDEX           SYSAUX                  1
MDSYS              LOBINDEX           SYSAUX                 18
SYS                LOBINDEX           SYSAUX                108
SYSTEM             LOBINDEX           SYSAUX                  7
WMSYS              LOBINDEX           SYSAUX                  6
XDB                LOBINDEX           SYSAUX                289
ORDSYS             LOBINDEX           SYSTEM                  3
OUTLN              LOBINDEX           SYSTEM                  1
SYS                LOBINDEX           SYSTEM                168
SYSTEM             LOBINDEX           SYSTEM                  3
SYS                LOBSEGMENT         AUDIT_TBSP              6
MDSYS              LOBSEGMENT         SYSAUX                 18
SYS                LOBSEGMENT         SYSAUX                108
SYSTEM             LOBSEGMENT         SYSAUX                  7
WMSYS              LOBSEGMENT         SYSAUX                  6
XDB                LOBSEGMENT         SYSAUX                289
ORDSYS             LOBSEGMENT         SYSTEM                  3
OUTLN              LOBSEGMENT         SYSTEM                  1
SYS                LOBSEGMENT         SYSTEM                168
SYSTEM             LOBSEGMENT         SYSTEM                  3
SYS                NESTED TABLE       SYSAUX                  6
WMSYS              NESTED TABLE       SYSAUX                  1
SYS                NESTED TABLE       SYSTEM                  7
ORDDATA            NESTED TABLE       USERS                   2
SYS                ROLLBACK           SYSTEM                  1
SYS                SYSTEM STATISTICS  SYSAUX                  1
SYS                TABLE              AUDIT_TBSP              2
CTXSYS             TABLE              SYSAUX                 18
DBSFWUSER          TABLE              SYSAUX                  2
DBSNMP             TABLE              SYSAUX                  3
DVSYS              TABLE              SYSAUX                 25
GSMADMIN_INTERNAL  TABLE              SYSAUX                  5
MDSYS              TABLE              SYSAUX                 51
SYS                TABLE              SYSAUX                498
SYSTEM             TABLE              SYSAUX                 29
WMSYS              TABLE              SYSAUX                 30
XDB                TABLE              SYSAUX                 55
GSMADMIN_INTERNAL  TABLE              SYSTEM                  1
LBACSYS            TABLE              SYSTEM                  4
OJVMSYS            TABLE              SYSTEM                  3
ORDSYS             TABLE              SYSTEM                  1
OUTLN              TABLE              SYSTEM                  3
SYS                TABLE              SYSTEM                915
SYSTEM             TABLE              SYSTEM                 45
ORDDATA            TABLE              USERS                   7
ORDSYS             TABLE              USERS                   3
SYS                TABLE              USERS                   1
AUDSYS             TABLE PARTITION    AUDIT_TBSP             31
AUDSYS             TABLE PARTITION    SYSAUX                  3
SYS                TABLE PARTITION    SYSAUX                616
SYSTEM             TABLE PARTITION    SYSAUX                 51
SYS                TABLE PARTITION    SYSTEM               1124
SYS                TABLE SUBPARTITION SYSAUX                 32
SYS                TYPE2 UNDO         UNDOTBS1               10

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